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Zig & Surface Fishing

Bait-Tech Floater Hook Baits


Ideal for hair rigs

Crafty Catcher Big Hit Floater Kit 2kg


Floater Fishing is undoubtedly one of the most exciting methods for catching carp.

ESP Streamlined Controller Floats


Streamlined Controllers are a classic shape which cast accurately with minimal splash. Perfect for summer stalking!

Ridgemonky Zyggo Zig Floats


Change your outlook on adjustable zig fishing and take your angling to the next level with our precision engineered Zyggo.

FOX Edges Naturals Zig Aligna Kit


New naturals colour options: black, brown and olive

Trakker Impact Zig Float Kit


Impact lead release system innovative clip on the float allows the boom and lead to be tethered to the body of the float for casting, which greatly reduces tangling

Leeda Fly Floatant Spray


Ideal for keeping your floater hooklinks buoyant

ESP Cork Sticks


All 60mm long, these natural cork sticks are available in three diameters to match the Bait Drills.

ESP Artificial Surface Mixer


Buoyant artificial mixer hookbaits for surface feeding carp

ESP Cryogen Surface Hooks


Manufactured using a tried and tested twin tempering process for improved strength and point durability. Available in sizes 8 & 10 micro barbed and barbless, packs of 10.

ESP Syncro Surface XT Mono 250m


Available on 250m spools in 10lb (0.28mm), 12lb (0.30mm), 14lb (0.32mm). Inherently buoyant for easy line pick up with excellent knot strength

ESP Missile Surface Floats


Available in 10g, 30g, 50g & 70g sizes. These in-line controllers have optimum length stems, an aerodynamic profile and provide accurate, tangle-free casting from short to extreme range with no oscillation in flight and minimal disturbance on splashdown.