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Zig & Surface Fishing

Thinking Anglers Zig Tools


Designed to load your Zig Barrels into the Zig Kickers with minimal fuss

Thinking Anglers Zig Barrels


Super buoyant foam hookbaits design to enable you to chop and change baits with the zig kickers with the added advantage of the hookbaits being readily able to absorb attractors

Thinking Anglers Zig Kickers


Natural looking hook aligners giving your zigs that all important natural food appearance

FOX Edges Zig Float Kit


Makes fishing zigs a doddle allowing you to change the depth of your zigs at the drop of a hat

Nash Zig Screw


Quick way to chop and change different zig hookbaits.

Avid Carp - Two Tone Zig Line 100m


Avids Reflo Zig Line really does take Zig hooklinks to the next level! Boasting two-tone technology, it's designed to break up the outline of your Zig Rig underwater to make it harder for carp to detect. It boasts incredible knot and linear strength, as well as kink resistant properties.

FOX - Zig Aligna Foam


Zig Aligna Sleeves Available in Red, Yellow or Black 8 Zig Aligna Sleeves per packet

FOX - Zig Aligna Kit


These innovative new range of Zig Aligna’s are set to change the way that anglers fish with Zig Rigs forever. Based on our Line Aligna Adaptor, which was developed for pop-up and bottom bait fishing, the new Zig Aligna is constructed from a softer, more buoyant plastic and features a unique moulded loop on the back. By using the loading tool supplied in the Zig Aligna Kit you can simply insert your chosen colour of foam into the loop on the back of the Aligna and trim it to your preferred size to create the ultimate hookbait. The loop grips the foam extremely tightly meaning it will not come off even on the biggest of casts.

FOX - Zig Aligna Loading Tools


Following the incredible success of the Zig Aligna’s since their launch Fox have been inundated with requests to sell the special little loading tool separately and also to make it a brighter colour. We have therefore made the tool bright Fox orange and put two in a packet to be sold separate to the Aligna’s and Foam themselves.

FOX - Zig Aligna Sleeves


Zig Aligna Sleeves Available in Red, Yellow or Black 8 Zig Aligna Sleeves per packet

FOX - Bolt Bubbles


Bolt Bubbles are designed to sit low, level in the water and due to their transparency and ultra low profile are extremely unobtrusive. The casting weight is easily adjusted via a pair of moulded rubber grommets which plug into the surface of the float. These allow the float to be filled with the required quantity of water for long range casting or increased bolt resistance.

Enterprise Tackle - Imitation Dog Biscuit


Imitation Dog Biscuits have been developed to overcome some of the problems associated with other similar products currently available.