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Z Man

Z Man EZ Skirt 3 Pack


Add even more movement to your soft plastics with the Z Man EZ Skirts giving you a unique, tantalising, pulsating action

Z Man TRD Tubez 2.75' 6 pk


Providing the best shape for ned rigging tactics along with a tantalising tail the Tubez should be in every predator anglers armoury

Z Man Bait Binderz


The perfect storage system for the Z Man ElaZtec plastics which are best kept in their original packaging

Z Man Baby Goat


The Greatest. Of. All. Time

Z Man Original Chatterbait


Flash of a spinnerbait, vibration of a crankbait, and profile of a jig

Z Man Shroomz Micro Finesse Jig Head 2pk


Entice them few extra bites by mounting your favorite jellies onto the skirted finesse jig heads

Z Man Finesse Bulletz Weedless Jig Heads 3pk


Traditional jig heads are far from ideal in weedy / snaggy scenarios, in these situations look no further than the Bulletz weedless jig heads

Z Man Finesse Shroomz Ned Rig Jig Heads 5pk


Create the perfect Ned Rig with the Finesse Shrooms Ned Rig Heads

Z Man NedlockZ EWG Extra Wide Gape Jig Heads 4pk


A combination of the mushroom shaped jig head and the extra wide gape hook offering incredible presentation

Finesse Shadz 4" 8pk


Ideal for dropshotting the Finesse Shadz are proven winners when bites are hard to come by

Z Man Streakz 3.75"6pk


The split tailed design of the Streakz gives them an uncanny appearance of a wounded minnow, a safe bet for tempting large perch

TRD Ticklerz 2.5" 8pk


The Ticklerz tentacled construction makes it one of the most devastating soft baits ever made!!