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Z Man

Z-Man Hula StickZ 4" 6pk


The right bait can be the difference between a big day and coming up empty

Z-Man TRD Bugz 2.75" 6pk


A finesse bait that is a necessity for serious anglers

Z-Man Slim Swimz 3" 6pk


This downsized swimbait delivers an incredible softness, swimming action

Headbanger Rockerhead 3 pk 11g


Great for creature baits

Z Man EZ Skirt 3 Pack


Add even more movement to your soft plastics with the Z Man EZ Skirts giving you a unique, tantalising, pulsating action

Z Man TRD Tubez 2.75' 6 pk


Providing the best shape for ned rigging tactics along with a tantalising tail the Tubez should be in every predator anglers armoury

Z Man Bait Binderz


The perfect storage system for the Z Man ElaZtec plastics which are best kept in their original packaging

Z Man Baby Goat


The Greatest. Of. All. Time

Z Man Original Chatterbait


Flash of a spinnerbait, vibration of a crankbait, and profile of a jig

Z Man Shroomz Micro Finesse Jig Head 2pk


Entice them few extra bites by mounting your favorite jellies onto the skirted finesse jig heads

Z Man Finesse Bulletz Weedless Jig Heads 3pk


Traditional jig heads are far from ideal in weedy / snaggy scenarios, in these situations look no further than the Bulletz weedless jig heads

Z Man Finesse Shroomz Ned Rig Jig Heads


Create the perfect Ned Rig with the Finesse Shrooms Ned Rig Heads