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Wychwood Agitator Catfish Sling

A true monster of a weigh sling at 6ft 6” long
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Manufacturer: Wychwood

Wychwood Agitator Catfish Sling is a true monster of a weigh sling at 6ft 6” long this is the perfect tool for weighing some of the largest fish across the UK and Europe.

Made from heavy duty fish friendly material with our dual support strap design which comes in to its own weighing head heavy catfish by allowing even weight distribution along the length of the sling.

Two heavy duty weigh points at either end allow the sling to be hung from up to 4 points drawing in the sides and making this sling inescapable.

Our Catfish weigh sling also features a carefully designed drain point, allowing excess water to freely drain from the sling whilst remaining snag free and fish friendly.

The Catfish Weigh Sling comes supplied with a lightweight roll top stink bag to keep yourself and vehicle clean whilst in transit.


  • Heavy duty weigh points
  • Built in drain ports
  • Supplied in a lightweight stink bag
  • Colour black