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Wychwood Camo Body Warmer

£49.99 £39.99

What more can you want? A carpy camo pattern and a wicked quality body warmer, do I need to say anymore.

Wychwood Tactical Carp Tarp


Multi purpose product designed to be used either as a bedchair cover or a makeshift shelter via a velcro loop making it ideal for quick overnight sessions or day sessions

Wychwood Comforter Sleeping Bag


Fleece lined, hollow fibre sleeping bag guaranteed to give you a comfortable nights sleep

Wychwood Tactical HD Bits & Bobs Bag


A bag with a thousand uses, weather its bait, clothes, tackle or waders the Bits and Bobs bag has you covered

Wychwood Tactical HD Rod Sleeve 9-10ft


Featuring a clever overfit design the Tactical Rod Sleeve has a padded rod sock connected to the reel cover with a simple toggle system which allows it to be used for any rod and reel combination providing the rod is 9 or 10ft

Wychwood Tactical HD Bedchair Bag


Ideal transport for your bed ensuring it doesn't get covered in dirt or damaged

Wychwood Tactical HD Bankware Roll


Keep all your banksticks, buzzbars, rod rests and bobbins all neatly stored away in the Bankware Roll

Wychwood Tactical HD Backpack


Lightweight, comfortable and a pleasure to use, rucksacks very rarely have all the pros without the cons....until now

Wychwood Tactical HD Packsmart Carryall


A carryall version of the Packsmart bag giving you a larger storage system for longer sessions

Wychwood Tactical HD Carryall


Offering great tackle transportation and storage the HD Carryall is a must have for the mobile angler

Wychwood Tactical HD Cool Bag


Ideal for keeping your frozen bait or food fresh for long periods of time on the bank

Wychwood Tactical HD Quiver Foldall


Designed to hold three assembled rods with an added compartment for housing slings, nets and possibly a shelter