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Wychwood Tactical Compact Bivvy Overwrap


Create a second skin to increase comfort during the colder months for your Tactical Compact Bivvy.

Wychwood Tactical Compact Bivvy


If you like to keep your gear down to a minimum and like to keep the weight down then look no further, the Compact Tactical Bivvy is just what you need.

Wychwood Tactical X Low Arm Chair


For those that are looking for a low sitting chair but like the comfort of having arm rest then look no further!

Wychwood Tactical X Standard Chair


A super comfy chair with adjustable legs and mud feet finished with a super carpy camo pattern.

Wychwood Tactical X Compact Chair


Light weight, compact, carpy and comfy. What more could you want from a chair.

Wychwood Tactical X High Arm Chair


A comfy chair that packs plenty of features such as a carpy camo pattern, high sitting arms and adjustable legs.

Wychwood Camo Body Warmer

£49.99 £39.99

What more can you want? A carpy camo pattern and a wicked quality body warmer, do I need to say anymore.

Wychwood Tactical Carp Tarp


Multi purpose product designed to be used either as a bedchair cover or a makeshift shelter via a velcro loop making it ideal for quick overnight sessions or day sessions

Wychwood Comforter Sleeping Bag


Fleece lined, hollow fibre sleeping bag guaranteed to give you a comfortable nights sleep

Wychwood Tactical HD Bits & Bobs Bag


A bag with a thousand uses, weather its bait, clothes, tackle or waders the Bits and Bobs bag has you covered

Wychwood Tactical HD Rod Sleeve 9-10ft


Featuring a clever overfit design the Tactical Rod Sleeve has a padded rod sock connected to the reel cover with a simple toggle system which allows it to be used for any rod and reel combination providing the rod is 9 or 10ft

Wychwood Tactical HD Bedchair Bag


Ideal transport for your bed ensuring it doesn't get covered in dirt or damaged