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Wolf X-Spod Performance

Unique, innovative design incorporating a main compartment that opens in four sections to deliver your bait, simply open a single flap and fill with liquid, open two flaps to load particles, pellets, boilies or crumb
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Manufacturer: Wolf Int

The X-Spod Performance is a unique floating spod with a compartment that splits four ways to deliver your bait. This is the larger of the X-Spod range and is excellent for getting the maximum amount of bait at range. Once the spod is clipped up to the distance required you can accurately maintain an area of free offerings. The main space can be loaded in two different ways. Opening in a two section configuration you can load by scooping up bait and closing the 2 halves. Open one section, and you can load the entire container. Capable of casts in excess of 160 metres this unique spod can be filled with either particles, boilies, groundbait, pellets or liquids.

All your bait lands accurately and securely due to the 24 magnets securing everything in transit, you can even launch from the ground, not like other well known spods.
Bait up your swim in style and maintain visual of your spod even at range. Ultimate baiting tool with increased accuracy and convenience.

Developed after three years of research and testing Allows full filling and closure with one hand Instant release of contents in contact with water Extremely aerodynamic shape allows for distance casting Stable during flight resulting in increased accuracy

  • Naturally buoyant
  • 4 section split to open design
  • Aerodynamically stable
  • 24 secure magnets
  • Indestructible
  • Easy recovery
  • Long casting
  • Weight: 65g/2.29oz
  • Pellets capacity: 120g/4.23oz
  • Boilies capacity 20+ 20mm
  • Particles capacity: 155g/5.47oz
  • Available in 3 colours: Orange, White
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