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Westin W6 CR Telescopic Landing Net 4m

Perfect for street fishing, bank fishing and when fishing from bridges, in fact any time you have a long reach to net fish.
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Manufacturer: Westin

The quick telescopic handle system extends instantly, yet packs away to a compact size. In addition, the lightweight net can be swung open with one hand and stays locked in position until the push button is engaged. The rubberised, tangle-free mesh is gentle on the fish, reducing damage to scales and minimising slime loss. A larger mesh is used on the sides with smaller mesh on bottom to ensure minimal resistance in the water. The W6 C&R Telescopic Landing Net features an adjustable shoulder strap for comfortable, hassle-free carrying.

  • Small: 38 cm W x 45 cm L x 50 cm D - handle length 63-300 cm
  • Medium: 45 cm W x 55 cm L x 60 cm D - handle length 65-400 cm
  • Folding quick joint between net and handle
  • Telescopic carbon shaft
  • Knotless rubber coated mesh – fish friendly and tangle-free
  • Big mesh on sides and smaller on bottom - less water resistance
  • Rubber coated handle for perfect grip
  • Strong and lightweight design
  • Adjustable shoulder strap