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Water Wolf 2.0 1080K Underwater Camera

The ALL NEW 2.0 with many upgrades, but most importantly, it now films in MP4, so no formatting or conversion is required. There is also now a handy screen you can take on the bank or boat to view your footage there and then!!
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Manufacturer: Water Wolf

The Water Wolf cameras have sparked a revolution in understanding how fish behave and react to the bait and lures we present them with. Now, the Water Wolf cameras are better than ever – with a series of improvements that make the Water Wolf camera even more versatile. Waterproof down to 100 meter, which means it can be used for extreme deep-sea fishing. More shock resistant. Fitted with a 100% battery charge mark indicator. Adorned in a CamoTech Green Housing-colour. Use for trolling, casting, float or carp fishing. Uniquely designed and engineered in Denmark. Super Anti-wobling retrieve and up to 3.5 hours recording.


• Full HD 1080P video
• Auto White Balance
• Excellent low-light performance
• Waterproof down to 100m
• High shock resistance
• Perfect for both trolling and casting
• Designed and engineered in Denmark
• Super anti-wobling retrieve
• Up to 3.5 hours recording