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Fortis Recce Umbrella Compact


offers rapid protection for those unpredictable showers.

Fortis Recce Umbrella DPM


Designed for the mobile angler, offering maximum protection on that initial hunt through inclement weather.

Greys Prodigy 50" Umbrella


A super lightweight umbrella weighing just 2 kilos, which is nearly a kilo lighter than many fishing brollies, but this is also a sturdy well-made product.

Drennan Specialist Umbrella 50" / 125cm


Incredibly lightweight umbrella design that allows you to keep it stored away in the centre compartment of your roving quivers

Guru - Bait Umbrella


The Guru Bait Umbrella comes complete with two poles, your standard adjustable spike and a standard straight pole that fits straight into accessory blocks, umbrella arms etc....