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Gardner Covert Tungsten Hinge Beads


Another cool idea from the guys at Gardner that will make it a lot easier to balance out your hinge rigs instead of using puty.

Gardner Covert Tungsten Ronnie Sleeves


These little beauties not only eliminate the need to use putty but also stop the need for shrink tube or kickers then creating the the ever popular Ronnie Rig.

Ridgemonkey Rock Bottom Tungsten Quick Change Rotary Sleeves


Smart tungsten sleeve to protect your quick change swivels.

FOX - Edges Tungsten Anti Tangle Sleeves


Designed to help prevent tangles occurring on the cast Added weight of tungsten helps to keep your hooklink pinned to the lakebed Available in standard and Micro sizes 8 sleeves per packet

FOX - Edges Tungsten Line Guard Beads


These new Tungsten Line Guard Beads are designed for anglers to use directly onto naked main line. They can be fixed up the line for use with Naked Chod Rigs, and will slide down to the Heli Buffer Sleeve that sits over your lead once a fish is hooked. They have a handy tapered side that your swivel will sit on during the fight to ensure your naked line is not damaged when playing hard-fighting carp. The Line Guards can also be used on traditional helicopter style set-ups too and have been designed to sit neatly on top of the Edges Heli Buffer Sleeve. The tungsten content in each bead helps to pin them to the lakebed. There are 8 Tungsten Line Guard Beads per packet each supplied on a wire loop.