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Treble Hooks

Westin PRO 1x7 Stingers


Built from strong Surfstrand material with super sharp trebles and reliable components, these Stinger traces from Westin are ideal for a host of lure styles.

Owner ST-36 Trebles


Super sharp, super strong, regarded as one of the best treble hooks around

Owner ST-41BC 2X Treble's 8PC


Slightly curved points allowing extra secure hook holds

VMC 7554-75 Series 2X-Strong Inline Treble 5PC


A great dead bait hook designed for all out strength in demanding rivers

VMC 7552 75 Series Light Inline Treble 5PC


Still strong yet forged with a thinner wire gauge ideal for lures / stingers or smaller species such as perch and zander

VMC 9651 X-Short X-Strong Round Treble 5PC


Designed for all out strength and reliability

Pike Pro Semi-Barbed Treble Hooks


Super sharp, strong, semi barbed treble hooks in various sizes.

Fox Rage Power Point X-Strong Treble Hooks


Super sharp, super strong treble hooks.

E-Sox - Bait Trace Semi Barbed


E-Sox Bait Traces are ideal for all live and deadbait presentations. Each trace is 46cm (18in) long and made from strong and reliable nylon-coated 34lb (15kg) Super Trace wire with Extra Strong Trebles.

E-Sox - Extra Strong Pike Trebles Semi Barbed


E-Sox Extra Strong Trebles are available in the three most effective and popular sizes 4s, 6s and 8s and in both Barbed and Semi Barbed versions.