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Trakker Nitelife Bug Blaster


An absolute game changer for those sizzling hot nights, sizzle them mozzies!!

Trakker Plum Textured Beanie


Perfect for those cold winter months.

Trakker Sanctuary Self Inflating Crib


Available in 2 sizes for suitable for carp home and over seas the Self inflating Cradles are designed for look after the fish to the highest of standards but also offer a small pack down size.

Trakker Quickstick Thumbscrews (Pack of 3)


We have all lost the odd thumbscrew for our sticks over the years, this is a problem of the past now with the Trakker Quickstick Thumbscrews available to buy in packs of 3 now!

Trakker Quickstick Inserts (Pack of 5)


If you are someone that like to use multiple shelters though out the year but like the concept of the quicksticks, look no further than the spare insterts from Trakker!

Trakker Tempest Hardware Kit


After a while you may find that you lose one of the front bolts or quick stick adaptors from your Tempest, never fear we have a whole kit allowing you to replace them without the hassle of trying to get spare parts from elsewhere.

Trakker Armolife Cookset Handle


For those that use the Marble Cookset range and like to be a bit of a culinary genius when cooking and require more than one pan, look no further. Additional cookset handles available to buy today!

Trakker Cyclone Mug


There is nothing more carpy than to have a cup of tea, so why not have your tea in a carpy mug, the Trakker Cyclone Mug to be exact.

Trakker Optics 10X42 Binoculars


A must have for those that are always watching the water trying to find a sign of those weary carp giving them selves away.

Trakker Vortex Shorts


Stylish shorts that can be worn on and off the bank in the warmer months. Featuring zipped pockets which is a favorite of mine so my phone doesn't fall out when climbing trees searching for the carp.

Trakker Textured Lined Beanie Hat


Keep the warmth in over the colder months with the Trakker Textured Lined Beanie Hat!

Trakker Summit XP Jacket


A lightweight waterproof jacket that is going to keep you dry on those rainy days, damp mornings and also perfect for keeping fish slime off of you when handling those big carp!