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Trace Making

Fox Rage Kebab and Bait Popper Kit


Use this kit to make your own bottom or popped up kebab baits.

Savage Gear Large Double Barrel Crimps


Perfect for crimping wire, Regenerator mono or the soft Fluorocarbon.

Daiwa Prorex Crimping Pliers 5.5"


Premium crimping pliers with two sections for differently sized crimps.

Savage Gear Soft Fluorocarbon 89lb 0.92mm 40.5kg 15m


Fluorocarbon is much less visible underwater compared to regular monofilament and virtually invisible to fish.

AFW Single Barrel Leader Sleeves #2 .047in 1.19mm 36pc


Perfect for Surflon and Surfstrand wire

AFW Titanium Tooth Proof Leader / Trace Wire 30lb 15ft Black Oxide


American Fishing Wire Titanium single strand leader wire is the first choice for those looking for a lightweight strong single strand wire trace

AFW Surfstrand Micro Supreme, Bare 7x7 Stainless Steel Leader Wire 5m Camo


An outstanding leader/trace wire for finicky toothy critters!

Pike Pro Crimping Tool


Offering the perfect finish to your traces every time

Pike Pro Crimps


Super strong crimps for constructing wire traces

Pike Pro Balsa Sticks


A fantastic way to create a wafter / popped up deadbait that stays free of weed, giving you optimum presentation of weedy gravel pits

Pike Pro 49-Strand Pike Wire 40lb 8m


A supple wire that's easy to use, can be crimped or even knotted.