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Wolf International Snipz Ceramic Scissors


These high-grade precision serrated zirconia ceramic blades have been manufactured to work superbly for cutting braid. Will last 40 times longer than metal blades.

Guru Speed Bander


Designed in conjunction with Andy Bennett, the Speed Bander makes easy work of banding baits such as maggots, casters or pellets. A simple and effective way of hair-rigging baits into a band in quick succession.

Leeda Forceps


Perfect for removing big hooks from fish

Matrix Braid Blades


Designed for clean cutting of Braid or Monofilament line

MAP Chop Worm Scissors


The Map Chop Worm Scissors and designed to make cutting and chopping worms easy!

Preston Innovations Worm Scissors


A razor-sharp double-bladed set of scissors designed to cut through worms with ease!

Korum Mega Bander


An essential item for easily attaching a pellet to your bait band

Korum Scissors


Super sharp scissors designed to cut through tough braids and mono's

Korum TI Baiting Needle Set


Essential tools that will cover all of your baiting and rig tying needs.

Korum TI Bait Drill


Essential for drilling out hard baits such as pellets or tiger nuts

Korum TI Hair Needles


A great little tool for tying you hair rigs or baiting with delicate baits such as sweetcorn

Korum Quickstop Needle


This needle is designed to work perfectly with the Korum quick stop needles!