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Korum Scissors


Super sharp scissors designed to cut through tough braids and mono's

Drennan Hook Tyer


The hook tyers really come into their own when it comes to tying up rigs with really small hooks, you can use down to size 26's!!

Korum Baiting Needles


With 6 needles in the range including a bait drill there is a tool to suit every situation.

Drennan - Pushstop Pusher


The Drennan Push stop Pusher is designed to fit the Drennan Pushstops.

Drennan - Pushstop Drill


The 1.5mm Pushstop Drill goes with the Drennan Pushstops and Drennan Pushstop Pusher system, producing the ideal size hole in baits like hard pellets and boilies.

Drennan - Pellet Band Stretcher


The Pellet Band Stretcher is an extremely useful gadget that helps to make the process of baiting up with baits such as hard pellets and dumbbell boilies easier.

Drennan - Band Puller


The Band Puller is a great aid for baiting up with a multitude of hair-rigged hook baits.

Guru - Punch Box


Guru are pleased to announce the launch of a product thats sure to be at the top of any discerning match or pleasure anglers wish list this Christmas, the Guru Punch Box. Offering an integrated bait storage and protection system with four sizes of Push Punch.

Guru - Hand Towel


A hot-orange towel that’ll help you keep your hands free from a coating of groundbait and fish slime. This is an essential item when using the Speedmesh PVA because any dampness on your hands will melt your carefully tied bags.

Guru - Baiting Needle


The Guru Super Fine Baiting Needle has a concealed barb and fine tapered point that prevents unnecessary damage to delicate baits, while the flared handle allows pressure to be easily applied when penetrating harder baits. The long needle also enables multiple baits to be loaded on at once when using monofilament and braid hair rigs.

Guru - Speedmesh Needle


The Speedmesh needle is a gate and latch type, which is perfect for loading sticks and bags onto your hook link without snagging the weave of the PVA. The loop in the end of your hook link is held inside the clasp and can be pulled through easily.

Guru - Serrated Rig Scissors


These stainless serrated scissors are ideal for cutting mono or braid.