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Throwing Sticks & Catapults

Avid Bait Station Kit


Baiting up and Spodding can be an arduous task. However with the aid of the Bait Station, that is now a thing of the past.

Nash Midi Spoons


Ideal for pellets or small amounts of feed

Nash Boilie Spoons


Built to ensure accurate baiting at long range

Nash Particle Spoons with Handle


Perfect for feeding small food items whether its from the bank, a boat or baiting pole

Nash Throwing Sticks


Essential for feeding boilies to spots far beyond the reaches of a catapult

Spomb Braid


This braid is insane!!!!, incredibly low diameter and awesome knot strength, more than good enough to send large spombs into orbit!!

Korda Katapult 2021


New revamped edition of the awesome Korda Katapults now featuring a lighter design.

Nash Bushwhacker HD Carry Bag


Keep all of your Bushwhacker sections together in a neat carry bag eliminating scratches or damage

Sonik SK-TEK Air Dry Bag


Essential item for keeping your boilies fresh on the bank, simply unzip the air dry bag place your boilies inside and hang to allow air flow to dry the boilies giving them a longer shelf life

Gardner Knuckle Guard


There is nothing worse than when using a catapult when the pouch and elastic catches you, enter the knuckle guard, this helps eliminate all these problems.

Trakker Air Dry Bags


Perfect for keeping your bait fresh on longer sessions, or alternatively drawing out all the moisture so you can rehydrate them in liquids

Nash Bush Whacker Extra Section


Extra sections for the Bush Whacker System allowing you to reach every spot requardless of the range.