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Throwing Sticks

Prologic Throwing Stick 20mm


Available in 20mm and 24mm, they are made using a very strong but lightweight plastic, soft touch non-slip handle with access to the bottom end for easy cleaning or to remove boilies that could get stuck in the throwing stick.

FOX Rangemaster Throwing Stick 20mm


Constructed from lightweight, flexible plastic that is very robust

Ridgemonkey Carbon Throwing Stick (Carbon Edition) 20mm


RidgeMonkey’s take on the traditional throwing stick has a more dynamic edge

Nash Throwing Sticks


Essential for feeding boilies to spots far beyond the reaches of a catapult

Korda - Eazi Stick


The Eazi-Stik has a long, straight shaft which allows the boilie to pick up more speed before it exits. The faster the boilie travels, the further it travels. Field-testing this length generated maximum speed without increasing the effort required to move the stick through the air. Made from ultra-light polycarbonate plastic makes the Eazi-Stik incredibly light, making baiting effortless. It greatly reduces fatigue on your arm, which is a major bonus because most sticks kill your arm. Take care though, accidentally hitting the ground on the follow through can damage this stick.