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Thinking Anglers

Thinking Anglers Forceps


Making hook removal far less stressful for the angler and more importantly the fish

Thinking Anglers Ready Leader C-Clip Set Up 45lb


Quick, easy and stress free, simply tie on and you are away

Thinking Anglers Soft Hook Beads


Ideal for trapping the hair on the hooks shank or for constructing the ever popular Ronnie or 360 rig

Thinking Anglers Zig Tools


Designed to load your Zig Barrels into the Zig Kickers with minimal fuss

Thinking Anglers Zig Barrels


Super buoyant foam hookbaits design to enable you to chop and change baits with the zig kickers with the added advantage of the hookbaits being readily able to absorb attractors

Thinking Anglers Zig Kickers


Natural looking hook aligners giving your zigs that all important natural food appearance

Thinking Anglers OGX Mainline 1000m


Tough as old boots mainline that offers unrivaled performance to anglers needing a durable line in testing scenarios

Thinking Anglers Naked C Clip Buffer Beads


Designed to protect your line when fishing naked chods or heli’s.

Thinking Anglers C Clip Buffer Beads


Keep it neat by concealing your c clip lead system inside one to the new C Clip Buffer Beads

Thinking Anglers Beaked Chod Hook


Drawing inspiration from the original curve point pattern, adjusting the eye and upping the wire gauge Thinking Anglers have made an utterly bullet proof hook

Thinking Anglers Plum Zip Hoodie


Something a bit different coming from Thinking Anglers this thick, zip hoodie features the same luxuriant fleece used in their acclaimed original hoodies now in an awesome plum color

Thinking Anglers Precision Hook Honer


Use this abrasive block to precisely hone hook points to surgical sharpness.