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Thinking Anglers

Thinking Anglers QC Ronnie Sleeve


These easy-fit Ronnie Sleeves are designed for constructing perfect Spinner and German rigs, securely mounting hooks onto TA PTFE Quick Change Swivels.

Thinking Anglers XL Noodle Kickers


The extended length, tapered shape and texture creates an aggressive hooking mechanism, flipping the hook and creating the strongest hook-holds.

Thinking Anglers Grub Kickers


Grub Kickers feature a natural segmented shape and a short, 40° in-turned kicker to create a fast-turning and reactive hooking arrangement that improves the mechanics of most skinned or braided rigs.

Thinking Anglers 1m Sub Fleck Leaders 45lb


These ready-made leadfree leaders are pre-spliced using our 100% PTFE Sub-Fleck.

Thinking Anglers Air Dry Bags


A Lightweight air-drying boilie bag that helps to keep your bait fresh for as long as possible in warm weather, or for longer sessions.

Thinking Anglers Crook Beads


They retain the hooklink perfectly, whilst allowing unrestricted movement of the loop thanks to their smooth finish and rounded

Thinking Anglers Curved Kickers


Specially curved soft-rubber kickers that sleeve onto your hook to extend the shank and create a safe bent-hook effect for ultimate hooking capability.

Thinking Anglers All In One Retainer


This slim-line, extremely lightweight, full mesh retainer can be used as a retaining and weigh sling, or quickly and easily converted into a sling/sack

Thinking Anglers Subfleck Dark Camo Leader 45lb


Construct the ultimate, bullet proof leader

Thinking Anglers Olive T Shirt


Heavy duty cotton T Shirts, featuring minimal branding with an embroidered TA fish icon.

Thinking Anglers Tint Link Hooklink


Made from 100% pure fluorocarbon giving you a practically invisible hooklink

Thinking Anglers ZFX ZIG / Floater Link


Superior knot strength and durability, the perfect zig link