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Terminal Tackle

Savage Gear Soft Fluorocarbon 89lb 0.92mm 40.5kg 15m


Fluorocarbon is much less visible underwater compared to regular monofilament and virtually invisible to fish.

Abu Garcia Solv Blixx 9cm 20g


Thin and wide like knife, while still having great castability.

Savage Gear Gravity Shallow 10cm 14g


There are times in sea bass fishing when a bitesize lure will get results compared to a longer minnow, which is precisely why we created the Gravity Shallow.

Savage Gear Sea Bass Minnow 12cm 14.5g


Get ready for your sea bass dreams to become reality with this specially developed minnow that’s perfect for targeting these speedy predators.

Savage Gear 3D Minnow Popper 4.3cm 2.6g


This micro popper has the most amazing popping action, and despite the very light weigh, it casts like a dream.

Abu Garcia Solv Pill Spoon 9.5cm 22g


The Piil definitely does justice to it's name; it casts like a dream!

Savage Gear Gravity Stick Mini Kit 12cm 13g


A range of slim profile and very long-casting lures with high gravity that allow you to fish where no one else can

Savage Gear Sandeel V2 12cm 22g 2pc


SANDEEL V2 With a lively kicking action on both the drop and the retrieve, this super realistic sandeel imitation will fool even the wariest of predator fish

Savage Gear Savage Minnow 10cm 20g 2pc


With a lively kicking action both on the drop and retrieve, baitfish imitations don’t get much more realistic than this