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Terminal Tackle

One More Cast Chopstix PVA Refills


Made with the highest quality taste & residue free PVA

One More Cast Chopstix Full PVA System


The CHOPSTIX innovative 2 in 1 PVA Mesh system not only offers you the ability to make a standard PVA Mesh Bag or Stick but now with the unique removable Cutting Grid & Lid you are able to quickly Chop multiple Boilies, Luncheon Meat, Tiger Nuts etc into your PVA Bag before adding other groundbait, pellets and/or smaller food items.

Gardner Rig Glue Pen


Ideal for small baits, cork, foam, hook shanks, knots, etc.

Ridgemonkey Connexion Hook Ring Stops


Perfect for creating Ronnie and Anti-Eject Sliding Ring rigs, the rubber hardness ensures they will slide easily on the hook, yet not slip during the cast, ensuring hookholds are not impeded.

Ridgemonkey Connexion Shrink Tube 2.4mm Brown


Essential for a wide number of rig applications.

Ridgemonkey Rock Bottom Tungsten Putty Twin Pack Weed & Grey


Highly malleable, super high density tungsten putty ideal for counterbalancing pop-ups and fine tuning critically balanced rigs, its super adhesion also makes it ideal for applying to your hooklinks to help pin them to the lake bed to prevent them rising up and spooking any fish around your rig.

Nash Speed Lead Clip Tail Rubber


Variable grip tail rubbers to regulate lead ejection from Nash Speed Lead Clips.

Nash Speed Ezi Drop Lead Clip


Speed Ezi Drop Lead Clips eject the weight more readily thanks to a smooth rear

Nash Ezi Drop Lead Clip


The Ezi Drop Lead Clip features a smooth rear stem allowing the lead to discharge more easily - perfect for weedy or snaggy situations.

Nash Lead Clip Silt


Updated for even greater carp safety, Nash Lead Clips feature a click fit body plus a secondary locking pin that ensures the clip remains attached to the swivel at all times for reliable lead ejection if required to land hooked carp more safely.

Nash lead Clip Tail Rubbers Silt


Variable grip tail rubbers to regulate lead ejection from Nash Lead Clips.

Nash Run Clip Lead Band


Replacement variable grip bands to regulate lead ejection when used with Nash Run Clips.