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Trakker Nitelife Bug Blaster


An absolute game changer for those sizzling hot nights, sizzle them mozzies!!

RidgeMonkey Vault Tech Table


Bivvy table and portable charger combined perfect for keeping your phone charging whilst asleep avoiding pulling the cable out

Wolf Mozzi-Zapper


Keep them dreaded Mosquitos at bay using this genius product, giving you both a bivvy light and an insect repellant

Fortis XSR Binoculars


The ultimate weapon for hunting down carp at long range, fizzers, shows, hatches.....nothings safe from these! Forget see deeper....see further!!

Ridgemonkey Vault USB-A to Multi Out Cable


Cut down your tech on the bank with the RM Vault USB-A Multi Cable featuring USB-C, Micro USB and Lighting Outputs

Ridgemonkey Adaptor: Action Camera AS Adaptor


A neat little additon you can use on your cameras.

Ridgemonkey Vault C-Smart Wireless Power Packs


These are the third generation of power packs from Ridgemonkey now and they all feature the wiresless technology which enables you to charge your phone. Once purchased these will be sent in either Green or Camo colouring, if you wish to specify what colour you would like please get in contact.

Ridgemonkey Vault 45W USB-C PD Car Charger


A high powered converter that will allow you to charge all your electrical's in the car.

Ridgemonkey Vault UK 3 Pin Adaptor


A handy product from ridgemonkey that will allow you to recharge or plug into any mains in Europe should you need access to main electric.

Ridgemonkey Vault 45W USB-C Mains Power Adaptor


A spare charger that will power up your ridgemonkey power packs if you may have miss laid the original charger.

Trakker Optics Monocular 10x42


Compact, lightweight with 10x optical zoom the Monocular is a powerful tool for locating showing fish or fizzing at distance, a worthy investment.

Powapacs Atom Pro 78,000mAh Portable Battery Pack.


The ultimate portable power pack.