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Swivels & Links

Korum Specimen Snap Swivels


Ideal for helicopter rigs and feeder work allowing you to change hooklinks quickly and easily

Preston Innovations Quick Change Match Swivels


They allow you to quickly and easily change hooklengths when both feeder and waggler fishing

Guru Heli Swivel


3 Sizes in the range allowing you to fish helicopter set ups for different species, these work particularly well when roach fishing on the maggot feeder.

Drennan - Swivel Float Attachment


Swivel Float Attachments are an excellent quick-change adapter for wagglers and any floats attached bottom-end only.

Drennan - Flexible Float Link


These unique Drennan Flexible Float Link connectors make it very easy to change floats.

Drennan - Quick Snap Swivels


Quick Snap Swivels are ideal for a variety of uses and allow the angler to change hooklinks quickly and easily.

Drennan - Barrell Swivels


Barrel Swivels are an essential item of terminal tackle which can be used for a variety of uses.

Drennan - Quick Change Run Rigs


These quick change, low resistance Run Rings are ideal for feeders and leads.

Drennan - Pellet Waggler Attachment


These Pellet Waggler Attachments are ideal for all loaded and unloaded wagglers.

Guru - Size 11 Snap & Link Swivel


Guru size 11 swivel with snap link. Allowing the quick change set up of any feeder, straight lead or waggler rig.

Guru - Size 11 Rig System Swivels


Infinite rolling barrel, extra-tough Rig System Swivel designed to be used in conjunction with the entire Guru range. The anti-corrosion black-nickel-plated finish is incredibly hard wearing.

Guru - Waggler Attachment


They are the perfect way to connect a waggler and the micro swivel provides a neat link to your mainline. The clips are rounded to ensure the waggler sits in the middle of the clip rather than off to the side on the cast. This gives greater distance and more accuracy when casting.