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Swivels & Links

FOX Edges Quick Change Swivel Size 7


Instantly chop and change your hook presentations

Avid Carp Solid Bag QC Stems


They are back and this time Avid have relaunched them with a QC option as well meaning should you need to change your hook link quick between bites then now is the time to get these in your life!

Avid Carp Solid Bag Stems


They are back and better than ever! Avid have relaunched the solid bag stems meaning if you fish waters with a leader ban then your and pre tie your solid bags with these little beauties!

FOX Edges Speed Links


Get them rigs back out on the spots and carry on hauling with the FOX Speed Links

FOX Edges Micro Rig Swivels


Ideal for Chod and Hinge presentations which require a certain amount of finesse

FOX Micro Speed Links


Get them rigs back on the spots in seconds with the nifty Micro Speed Links from FOX

FOX Edges Kuro Micro Hook Ring Swivels


Get great hookbait rotation and rig mechanics by simply attaching your bait onto a hook ring swivel, giving it unrivaled movement

Ridgemonkey RM-Tec Hook Ring Bait Screws


The useful and easy way to attach hookbaits without the need to use baiting needles and hair stops.

Ridgemonkey Mini Hook Ring Swivel


Perfect for mounting hook baits on hooks for ronnie rigs or D's for chods, hinges you name it.

Ridgemonkey Quick Change Rotator Swivel Size 11


The ever popular Ronnie Rig, Spinner Rig, Rotator rig which ever name you like to call it these swivels are perfectly designed to house the hook making it easy to assemble the rig and be fishing within seconds.

Fox Heavy Duty O Rings


The heavy duty O rings are perfect for fishing helicopter sets when you need to fish a C Clip for dropping the lead or using a weak link or rotten bottom.

Fox Rig Links


Rig links are designed to be used in conjunction with link clips to make it a lot easier to change rigs when in between fish.