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Swivels & Links

FOX Edges Essentials Rig Link & Tungsten Sleeve


Small wire quick link for attaching to boom sections

One More Cast Tweakers Dog Bone Ronnie Clip 0.4g


Do it better, do it smarter! The Tweakers range is all about evolving ideas to improve your performance.

FOX Edges Kwik Change Swivel Size 7


Kwik Change Swivels when coupled with Anti Tangle Sleeves allow the angler to instantly change the rig or attach a PVA stick/bag.

FOX Edges Kwik Change O Ring Swivels Size 10


Non reflective, smoothly rotating swivels designed for use with stiff hooklinks to aid rig movement and help them sit correctly on the lake bed whilst enabling the rig to be quickly changed.

Avid Flexi Ring Rig Loops


Allow you to create large, perfectly formed loops that will stay the same size and shape.

Avid Flat Links


Designed to be used with the new, improved Avid Flat Clips, these Flat Links will 'click' into position inside the clips.

Korda Chod Krimps


The ability to quick change (QC) any rig is a massive time saver and we’ve been doing it with standard rigs for years.

Korda Hook Klip Medium


The ability to quick change your rig components has never been so popular in modern day carp fishing.

Matrix Feeder Bead Snap Link


Ultra-durable snap link swivels

Gardner Crimpit Crimps x 50


Keep your rigs looking neat and tidy buy doing away with knots

FOX Edges Kwik Change O Ring Swivel


Ideal for use when threading PVA sticks or bags onto the hooklink.

FOX Edges Crimps


Edges Crimps are designed to help you create neat and tidy loops in your hooklink material, whilst maximising its strength