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Super Cornz Refill

Plastic free imitation corn to combat the fake bait ban which is commonplace on most venues, with the added advantage of being completely flavour free, meaning you can soak these in your favorite liquids or goo's
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Manufacturer: Cornz

Cornz are Plastic FreeNon Toxic and Fish Safe, produced using traditional Pop Up mix ingredients, perfect for use on venues which have banned the use of Plastic Hookbaits. They are an identical replica of a piece of corn however they are tough and durable like a pop up.

Customise Your Cornz

Produced without flavour, this means you can add your own flavours and liquids to match your chosen boilie or your favourite flavour profile.

Customise your Cornz by adding up to 1ml or 5 bait sprays to a pot or pack of 20 Cornz.

(Warning - Adding excess liquids may affect buoyancy)

Cornz & Super Cornz

We have 2 types, Cornz & Super Cornz. In 2 sizes, Little & Large, each in 3 colours, Pink, White & Yellow but we also sell limited edition runs of other colours.

The Range  -   What do they do, How to use?

Little Cornz - Critical Buoyancy

These are critically balanced, perfect for using a single or double Cornz on a German or Solid bag type rigs.

Large Cornz - Buoyant

2 hookbaits have been designed to hold a balanced Ronnie, Stiff Rig, Chod type rigs.

Little Super Cornz - Super Buoyant

2 hookbaits are designed to hold a balanced Ronnie, Stiff Rig, Chod type rigs.

1 hookbait is perfect as a snowman topper with a 12mm boilie and above.

Large Super Cornz - Super Buoyant

2 hookbaits are designed to hold larger Ronnie, Stiff Rig, Chod type rigs.

1 hookbait is perfect as a topper with a 16mm boilie & above or can be used on a Zig.

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