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Strike King

Strike King Tour Grade Belly Blade 2pc


Ideal for slow retrieves in deep water producing an incredible flashing to tempt the wariest of predators

Strike King Tour Grade Ned Rig Head 3pc


A fantastic jig head designed to work with all Ned style lures

Strike King Tour Grade Tube Jig Heads 4pc


Perfectly designed for tubes or hollow bodied swimbaits and featuring needle sharp Gamakatsu hooks

Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Bullet Weights, Green Pumpkin Sapphire


Essential for fishing the Carolina or Texas rig

Strike King Rage Swimmer 7pc 3.75"


Designed to provoke and instant strike thanks to its falling paddle tail motion

Strike King Rage Space Monkey 6pc 4"


A radically different soft lure, well worth a try

Strike King Rage Chunk 7pc 3"


Incredibly attractive short, fat bodied lure great for tempting finicky fish

Strike King Rage Ned Bug 9pc 2 1/2"


A weird and whacky lure that will catch a whacker!!!

Strike King Rage Grub 10pc 4"


A take on the classic curl tail presentation, difference being the exaggerated violent tail movement exclusive to Strike King

Strike King Ned Ocho 9pc 2 3/4"


Designed to stand up to encourage bites

Strike King Rage Ned Cut-R Worm 9pc 3"


Produced from a high-grade plastic for increased action and durability

Strike King Diamond Dust Skirts 3pk


The perfect complement to your soft plastic baits, giving off a tantalizing pulsing motion