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Sticky Baits Manilla Active ***Deal***

Sweet, nutty and incredibly digestible, Manilla Active Shelf Life uses the same formula of milk proteins and refined nut proteins used in the freezer bait but with the addition of the smallest amount of preservative
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10kg 16mm Manilla Active Shelflife Boilies

Plus Free Sticky Baits Bucket

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Sticky Baits bloodworm kick started the bloodworm revolution many years ago and continues to be devastatingly effective. These pellets contain a two stage secret low oil coating that breaks away from the pellet sending attractor signals up through the water column, pulling the fish towards your baited area. The second layer leaks out a dense red cloud of bloodworm that sticks to the lake bed.

Sticky Baits - Cloudy Manilla Liquid 1LTR


The cloudy liquids create a hazy cloud close to the lake bed that sends the fish in to a feeding frenzy whilst also giving them the confidence to feed freely, due to the haze. The liquid compliments the Manilla active mix well, but can also be used with pellets and boilies too. The cloudy Manilla liquid is also PVA friendly and perfect for spod mixes.