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Sticky Baits Krill Wafters

Designed to replicate our Krill boilies, these 16mm hookbaits sink slowly under the weight of your hook.
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Manufacturer: Sticky Baits

By using a semi-buoyant bait, your rig becomes even easier for a carp to suck in and become hooked. The 16mm round wafters are ideal for use as a single hookbait or fished over a large spread of matching, round bottom bait

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Sticky Baits - Pineapple & N'Butyric Pop Ups


A staple part of the Sticky Baits range, these bright yellow hookbaits include a special combination of attractors, whilst still being mega buoyant and bright. Pineapple and N'Butyric are extremely soluble and proven throughout the carp angling world as highly effective.

Sticky Baits - Signature Squid Wafters


Created many years ago Sticky Baits have now brought their signature range in to the mainstream, meaning anglers an now enjoy the benefits of this product too! The ingredients mean maximum instant attraction and prolonged leakage is achieved, these pop ups can be used for a long period of time with the same impact!

Sticky Baits - Bloodworm Wafters


In a dumbbell shape these Bloodworm hookbaits sink under the weight of the hook, leaving it 'critically balanced'. The wafters come in a slightly lighter colour than the boilies, once the boilies are submerged under water they lighten, matching perfectly.

Sticky Baits - Manilla White Ones Pop Ups


As you can already see these striking white pop ups create that visual edge you my need when bites are hard to come by or the fish are becoming bored of the baits already out. They have boosted attractor levels also meaning they stand out from all the other baits out too. Perfect when you don't want to disturb the lake bed you've already established.