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Sticky Baits Bulk

Sticky Baits Manilla Shelflife Or Freezer Boilies Bulk Offer


Peanuts have been used previously by many anglers throughout the years, however due to the high fat content they could only be used in small quantities, although when used they were highly successful. Sticky Baits use a product exclusive to them that has been partially de-fatted providing all nutrients needed.

Sticky Baits Krill Shelflife Or Freezer Boilies Bulk Offer


Since its release in March 2012 the bait has accounted for an unreal amount of big fish, target fish, beautiful fish! IT goes without saying the The Krill needs no introduction and is a staple part of many anglers bait collection. It's regarded as one of the greatest natural flavour baits out there, with the Krill adding to the nutritional profile of the bait, its a win win.

Sticky Baits Manilla Active Bulk Offer


Same state of the art process now with the awesome Manilla boilies, the Active will transform your swim into a hub of attraction

Sticky Baits Krill Active Bulk Offer


Who would of thought that arguably the best bait on the market could get better...well it has Sticky Baits bring you, The Krill Active.