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Spomb Mini White

This model complies with various fishing competition rules across the globe that often state that a baiting product cannot exceed 50mm in diameter or are restricted in length
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Manufacturer: Spomb
  • Can be cast with any rod – maximum weight when fully loaded is 3oz (85g)
  • Ideal for baiting with a minimal amount of feed
  • Keeps disturbance to a minimum
  • Patented design allows content of Spomb to be released instantly upon impact with the water’s surface
  • Eliminates ‘spod spill’ - once loaded and shut you will lose no bait on the cast
  • Aerodynamic design allows for accurate baiting at range even in strong winds
  • Fast and easy retrieve with the opened Spomb gliding effortlessly across the top of the water with little to no resistance
  • The design is very versatile as it can be used with all manner of different baits including pellets, boilies, hemp, corn, dog biscuits, maggots, meat, bread and particles
  • Available in both Black and White