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Speero T-Shirt DPM or Green


Fantastic all year garment great for the summer days, but also work well as an additional layer for the autumn / winter evenings.

Speero Armour Top DPM or Green


Speero Armour Top is a long sleeve version of the Speero T-Shirt for them slightly chillier summer / early autumn evenings.

Speero Fleece Hoodie DPM or Green


Super warm polyester fleece perfect to be worn underneath your chosen jackets available in Green or super carpy DPM.

Speero Vega Hoodie Green


To be used as an inner layer for keeping you toasty on them long winter sessions where staying warm is essential.

Speero Carry Strap DPM or Green


Designed to be used with the modular luggage system or for easy transportation of unhooking mats.

Speero Rig Tray DPM or Green


A really handy item for tying rigs up on the bank. Made to fit into our modular carryall and rucksack.

Speero Stink Sleeve DPM or Green


Ideal for keeping the car or shed stink free, essential for a happy household!!

Speero Net Retention Float / Net Retention Float XL DPM or Green


Made from ultra buoyant foam incorporating an elastic net mesh retention loop the retention net float range make manoeuvrability easier when attempting to net your quarry.

Speero Gas Canister Cover DPM or Green


Nothing more annoying than cold gas hindering you from making a hot drink, with these handy canister covers that problem is a thing of the past.

Speero Spool Case DPM or Green


Twin zip pulls for easy access and a reinforced inner padded shell gives added protection for your spare spools.

Speero Scales Pouch DPM or Green


Designed to accept all large dial scales, heavily padded so prevent damage on cherished scales.

Speero Hook Sharpening Pouch DPM or Green


Hook sharpening has become so popular in all forms of fishing in recent years so Speero has produced a pouch to accommodate your hook sharpening equipment.