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Specialized Hookbaits

Specialized Hookbaits / Fishon Scopex & Pineapple S2 Air Ball Pop Ups


Made with an old school blend of the finest Scopex and Pineapple flavours combined with the unstoppable S2 profile.

Specialized Hookbaits S2 (35 Baits)


The undisputed, heavyweight champion of catching carp and not just carp but big carp!!

Specialized Hookbaits GPB2 (Garlic Pro Biotic 2) (35 Baits)


Same fantastic attraction as the original GBP1 hookbaits now with the addition of 33% pre digested fishmeal to make an even more devastating hookbait (if thats even possible!!)

Specialized Hookbaits GPB1 (Garlic Pro Biotic) (35 Baits)


As the name suggests these are truly specialized, made from a blend of natural ingredients (and a few secrets) to give a pungent, irresistible, deadly hookbait