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Gardner G- Force Rear Rest


Great, popular butt grip for specimen fishing...

Gardner Multi Species Weigh Sling


A great weigh sling for small species, including Carp, Chub, Barbel, Bream & Tench to name a few.

Korum Classic 1ltr Thermal Barbel Flask


The Korum Classic series offers products synonymous with traditional coarse fishing. This compact and lightweight vacuum flask is finished with a classic Barbel artwork design from angling artist Steve Phillips.

Drennan Specialist Compact Telescopic Landing Net Handles


The 4-section Telescopic Landing Net Handles are strong, rigid and lightweight.

Drennan Acolyte Commercial Pellet Waggler Rods


Acolyte Pellet Waggler Rods are perfect for catching big bags of carp.

Korum 3K Allrounder Rods


Our new 3K series takes Korum K-Flex technology to a new level for lighter, crisper rods with the same timeless action.

Korum 12ft Barbel Quiver Rod


Customised to suit the needs of the modern big-fish river angler.

Prologic C-Series 6000 BF


Compact in size, small on price, but big on performance – this free spool reel has been designed for carp anglers with high standards who don’t want to break the bank.

Korum Allrounder Side Tray


The Allrounder Side Tray is packed with features.

Korum Allrounder Tray & Tripod Adaptor


The Allrounder Tray and Tripod enables you to have a free-standing side tray for use in any situation.

Korum Transition Session Carryall


The Transition Session Carryall is a great all-purpose bag for those who prefer a traditional shoulder strap design.

Korum Maggot Tub & Riddle 2pt


Comes with its own riddle and a breathable lid for keeping bait fresher for longer.