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Sonubaits Match Method Mix Original 2kg

High quality pellet based the match method mix is easily packed around a feeder yet when immersed in water breaks down almost instantly.
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Manufacturer: Sonubaits

Designed for use by the modern match angler who wants to fish a flat bed Method Feeder on commercial match fisheries with confidence.

This mix is contains the highest quality crushed pellets and fishmeals and its consistency is such that it stays on the feeder through the cast, the impact with the water and the drop through the water of most commercial venues. Once the Method Feeder hits the bottom it breaks down quickly building up the line and keeping the fish there and competing without over feeding them. Every bag comes with a free Preston Innovations Method Feeder inside. Perfect for all species of coarse fish especially Carp, F1's and Bream.

Des Shipp (England International) says "For Method Feeder fishing in water up to about 6 foot then this is the groundbait to use. It is really easy to mix, binds well and breaks up quickly around the Method Feeder when it hits the bottom, it is a mixture of crushed pellets which gives you all the attraction you want on waters that are dominated by pellet."

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