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Sonubaits Banoffe Stiki Method Pellets 2mm


Soo good you will want to eat them yourselves

Sonubaits Oily Floaters 11mm


Incredibly oily, soft floating pellets ideal for getting them feeding confidently when standard mixers aren't doing the business

Sonubaits Krill & Squid Groundbait


Krill and Squid have proven time and time again to be phenomenal fish attractors so combining the two is certainly a winning combination

Sonubaits Stiki Chocolate Orange Method Pellets 2mm


These smell glorious, packed full of attraction that will leak off in your swim, attracting fish for hours

Sonubaits Oozing Barbel & Carp Pellets


Get them Barbel and Carp crawling up the line with these super smelly pellets oozing with attraction

Sonubaits Banoffee Corn


Combining one of the all time best fish catching baits with the heavenly smell of banoffee, you wont mind going home smelling of this one I can assure you

Sonubaits Barbel Hookbaits Large 12 x 15mm 150g


Super smelly hookbaits that have been designed with flavours and textures that barbel cannot resist.

Sonubaits Liquid Flavours 250ml


Can be applied to pretty much any bait and they will alter the flavour, therefore you can make your baits different to everyone else’s and awesome edge.

Sonubaits Barbel & Carp Liquid Enhancers 250ml


Super smelly liquid ideal for drawing large Barbel to your baited area in murky conditions, they will sniff this out in no time.

Sonubaits Clear Pellet Oils 250ml.


Primarily designed to sink pellets without the addition of water, the beauty of the clear pellet oil is unlike regular oils these sink making them great for adding weight to small loose feed pellets.

Sonubaits Bait Booster Liquid 800ml


Bait Booster liquid is an awesome additive that can be used directly onto loose feed weather it be glazing hookbaits for extra pulling power or soaking pellets to create a beacon of attraction.

Sonubaits Haze Liquid 100ml.


Designed to enhance colour, flavour and attraction, the haze is thinner than the lava making it easier to penetrate hookbaits and soak into pellets.