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Solar Tackle

Solar A1 Ground Pod 6-inch and 9-inch Uprights


Made from the same high-grade, black anodised aluminium as the rest of the A1 range, unlike many other pods at this competitive price point, this one is Solar design. The blocks are machined from anodised aluminium and the main bar features an anti-twist design built in to the tubing.

Solar SP C Tech Compact Sofa Chair


Echoing the same ergonomic upholstery as it’s larger brethren, The SP C-Tech Compact Sofa Chair eliminates drafts due to its all-encompassing ‘cup’ design. Embellished by our market leading 3D Duradore Fabric to self ventilate and SolarCam, our bespoke, digital, angling camo.

Solar South Westerly Pro Uni Spider Groundsheet

£66.99 £56.99

The Uni Spider is, quite simply, the best bivvy we could build for you.

Solar Uni Spider Mozzi Mesh Front Door

£66.99 £59.99

A full, mozzie-mesh, front panel for the UNI Spider bivvies, featuring Solar’s Snap-Loc, magnetic door system.

Solar Undercover Compact Spider Camo Overwrap


This overwrap for the Camo Compact Spider makes your tent even more resistant to the extreme and cold weather conditions.

Solar Undercover Camo Recliner Chair

£89.99 £49.99

How's this for an absolute bargain then!

Solar Undercover Pro Bedchair & Undercover Camo Recliner Chair Combo

£369.98 £149.99

Fancy a bargain? Then look no further! The ultimate bedchair & chair combo! Save over £200 on the mega deal!

Solar South Westerly Pro Moon Chair


The Solar South Westerly Pro Moon Chair, luxury padded seating with a compact packdown size.

Solar Lock & Load Indicator Heads


Solar Tackle Lock & Load Indicator Head. Precision engineered and compatible with all solar indicator accessories, past and present, as well as many others.

Solar Undercover Camo Traveller Rod Strap


Ideal for the roaving angler, or for those that like to use single sleeves.

Solar SP 10ft 3+2 Rod Sleeve


The number-one choice for many anglers. Accommodating 3 made-up rods internally and two externally, this is a 5-rod system.

Solar South Westerly Pro Barrow

£287.99 £229.99

The Solar South Westerly Pro Barrow is a very solid and reliable wheelbarrow for the carp angler.