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Solar Hot Spot Heat Pad

Solar’s HotSpot is a self-heating cushion, the first of its kind in angling.
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Manufacturer: Solar Tackle

It is simply the ultimate in comfort on the bank. The HotSpot heats up in exactly the same way that a heated car seat does.
If you fish through Spring, Autumn and/or winter then the HotSpot brings much needed warmth and comfort when the temperatures drop. Use it as a cushion, like a hot-water bottle or put it under your jacket.

Simple to opperate, quick to heat up and with 3 heat settings the HotSpot runs off of any power source with a USB fitting.

- The ultimate in bankside comfort
- Self-heating cushion, which can also be used like a hot water bottle or put under your jacket
- The first heated cushion in angling
- Quick to heat up and long-lasting heat
- Works with any power source with a USB fitting (such as a power pack).
- Camo pattern fabric
- 3 heat settings which will achieve, 30°C / 40°C / 50°C. 
- Supplied with a storage / carry bag
- Storage pocket for the cable when not plugged in
- Power source not included
- We recommend  you unplug the item when not in use

- Output P=8W
- Automatic turn off at 1.5 Hours.