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Soft Lures

Z-Man TRD LizardZ 6pk 6"


The pinnacle of action and attraction, the Z Man Lizardz deliver a spot-on reptile imitation that is as enticing as it is durable.

Fox Rage Replicant Super Natural Albino Catfish 10cm/4"


A new addition to the legendary Realistic Replicant range, the Replicant Catfish delivers maximum pulling power for larger predators.

Fox Rage Slick Fast Super Soft 15cm/5.9"


New lure in the Slick Shad family

Westin Twinteez Pelagic V-Tail 20cm 30g 2pcs


Based upon the legendary TwinTeez, the TwinTeez Pelagic brings a new dimension to pelagic vertical fishing.

Savage Gear 4D Line Thru Pulse Tail Roach 18cm 90g


Based on the scan of a real roach, with super realistic details! The Pulse tail delivers a subtle ultra-realistic action at both slow, medium and high speed.

Savage Gear 4D Line Thru Perch 17cm 63g


With incredibly detailed Photo Chrome skin print and a strike enticing scent, we have created the 4th dimension with our 4D Line Thru perch.

Westin Shadteez Slim 18cm 33g


This slim and slender lure is sure to have your target fish drooling with its enticing wriggling action that is incredibly effective at many different retrieve speeds.

Westin Shadteez Lures


Puts other shads in the shadow, ShadTeez is perfected down to the smallest detail.

Westin ShadTeez Hollow


We have combined the shape of the legendary ShadTeez and ShadTeez Slim to create the ShadTeez Hollow.

Westin BullTeez Shadtail


Want to catch a big one? Then the BullTeez is the ultimate choice for big predators like pike and zander.

Westin KickTeez Shadtail 15cm 10g


Kick-start your predator fishing with the Westin KickTeez Shadtail – a super effective soft lure that is so easy to rig, it almost makes fishing too easy.

Westin Ricky The Roach Shadtail


Watch your speed with this incarnation of Ricky the Roach - the shorter tail allows a smooth and slow glide through the water, while the big shad tail offers a faster and more erratic action.