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Small Lake Tackle Items

The Small lake is a amazing lake full of fish that you can endure so much fun on. There are stacks of different species, all of which pull your arm off.

You can really mix your fishing up on here, from fishing on the bottom to float fishing.

We still recomend strong hooks but you can go down to smaller sizes like size 6 & 8's.

Stay away from Flourocarbon or Mono hooklinks as they wouldnt last five minutes. Strong braided hooklinks are required.

Small leads, from 1.1oz to 2oz.

Fox Rage Pistol Pliers


Easy to use pliers that help get the angles you need to make unhooking easier.

Fox Rage Long Nose Pliers 22cm/8.5"


Handy long nose pliers to get at the deepest of hooks.

Fox Rage Forceps 25cm/10"


These extra long forceps help unhooking even the deepest of hook holds.

Dinsmores Soft Shot Refill


Handy refill tubs of split shot.

Korda - Flat Pear Inline Leads


There's a popular misconception that flat leads sit on silt. This does not happen, any lead finds the easiest path through the water so instead of fluttering down to the lake bed, a nose-heavy flat lead like this will plummet down side on and nose first, making it less effective in the silt than say a Swivel Pear lead.

Korda - Intelligent Back Leads


The backleads can be set to stay on the main line without dropping off or they can be set so that the backlead breaks apart when snagged in weed. The super-slick plastic attachment ensures that the backlead will glide easily down the line, dramatically decreasing the chance of movement at the rig end. Backleads are most effective over even, flat bottoms and are an excellent way of preventing a hooked fish from picking up your other lines.

Korda - Arma Kord Sinking Leader


Put simply, this is the sinking version of our all-conquering Arma-kord leader material. Arma-kord has rightly developed a great reputation for reliability and the addition of this sinking version will simply cement its place at the very top of the tree. Reach for this on demanding waters where snags make a solid snag leader essential.

Korda Armakord XT 85lb


An increased-diameter, ultra-high performance leader material. Available in a dark camou green to blend well with a range of lake bed type.

Korda Bait Up Method Feeder


The classic original Korda Method feeder has now been updated with some modern twists in the form of the Bait Up Feeder range. It retains many of the features that made the original so good, including the weighted fin that ensures that it always lands the right way up and the hookbait will always fall away from the feeder, increasing your chances of a quick bite.

Korda Wide Gape X Hooks


The Wide Gape X is a beefed-up version of the Wide Gape, designed for use in the most extreme fishing situations on the Planet. It's been road-tested on infamously snaggy waters, like Rainbow Lake, and has even been used to land monster species like Arapaima and Mekong Catfish. Just like it's little brother, the Wide Gape X is suited to both pop-up and bottom-bait presentations. The heavily forged, square bend, beaked point and in-turned eye combine to make sure that you land that elusive monster, whether you're fishing a hard syndicate in the UK, or dodging tree stumps on some Continental super-water.

Korda - Razor Blades


The handles have been manufactured in a bright Korda green, so if you misplace these you need to go to Specsavers!