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Sleeves & Tubing

FOX Edges Hook Silicone 1.3 mm


Perfect for trapping the hair tight to the hook shank

FOX Edges Ronnie Sleeve Camo


Fox Edges Ronnie Sleeves provide an easy way of securing the swivel to the eye of the hook on Ronnie/Spinner rig presentations.

FOX Edges Heli Buffer Sleeves Trans Khaki


Designed to protect the main line and offer protection when playing fish on Naked Chod/Helicopter rigs.

FOX Edges Leader Silicone Trans Khaki 0.5m


Designed to be used in conjunction with 5mm Tungsten Beads & 6mm Tapered Bore Beads on leadcore and Submerge leaders perfect for chod/helicopter set ups.

One More Cast Long Leg Aligner


Extending the Hook shank length & Hooking properties of your Rig in a Dazzling instant.

Ridgemonkey Connexion Shrink Tube 2.4mm Brown


Essential for a wide number of rig applications.

FOX Edges Naturals Anti Tangle Sleeves


Designed to kick the rig away from the lead setup and leader on the cast, reducing tangles

FOX Edges Naturals Anti Tangle Sleeves - XL


Designed to prevent tangles when using long rigs and zigs

FOX Edges Naturals Anti Tangle Sleeves - Micro


Designed to prevent tangles and to cover Kwik Change Swivels

Thinking Anglers QC Ronnie Sleeve


These easy-fit Ronnie Sleeves are designed for constructing perfect Spinner and German rigs, securely mounting hooks onto TA PTFE Quick Change Swivels.

Thinking Anglers XL Noodle Kickers


The extended length, tapered shape and texture creates an aggressive hooking mechanism, flipping the hook and creating the strongest hook-holds.

Thinking Anglers Grub Kickers


Grub Kickers feature a natural segmented shape and a short, 40° in-turned kicker to create a fast-turning and reactive hooking arrangement that improves the mechanics of most skinned or braided rigs.