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Sleeves & Tubing

Thinking Anglers Noodle Kickers


Created to make constructing the noodle rig incredible easy, given the rigs incredible track record of catching carp these are going to be a game changer

Avid Carp Micro Anti Tangle Sleeves


The perfect thing for using in solid bags with the NEW solid bags stems!!

Korda Heli-Safe Tubing Kit


Beat the leader ban with the Korda Heli-Safe Tubing Kit, allowing you to fish a helicopter rig running on a length of Dark Matter Tubing

FOX Edges Anti Tangle Sleeves Camo


Designed to kick that all important rig away from the lead in flight eliminating tangles

FOX Edges Heli Buffer Sleeve Camo


Ideal for helicopter setups on leaders giving you the option of fishing the Choppa Droppa lead eject system

Fox Edges Camo Anti Tangle Sleeves XL


Specifically designed for distance casting where tangles are most common, guaranteed confidence in a pack

Fox Tungsten Flippas


Get the perfect line aligner with the ready made flippas

FOX Tungsten Line Aligners


Get them rigs flipping and turning that much faster with the tungsten line aligners, made from a super heavy tungsten material they are discreet until they are sprung into action

Fox Edges Flippas


An easy way to get your rigs more aggressive without the worry for shrink tubing.

Ridgemonkey Rock Bottom Tungsten Quick Change Rotary Sleeves


Smart tungsten sleeve to protect your quick change swivels.

Thinking Anglers Shrink Tube


Get them hooks flipping and taking hold mega fast by adding shrink tube kickers to your rig.

Thinking Anglers C Clip Silicone Pieces


For sheathing your heavy ring / C Clip lead ejector system a must have when using this setup.