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Shimano SLX DC 151 Left Handed Bait Casting Reel

Shimano SLX DC 151 Left Handed Bait Casting Reel is designed for effortless casting – in any condition.
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Manufacturer: Shimano

The DC braking system means: this reel has ‘brains’.  The DC system calculates 1000 times per second what the right braking force is, in order to prevent backlash and at the same time optimizing the distance and accuracy of the cast.  It makes fishing with a baitcasting reel very easy and effortless.  No need to change the settings of the reel when the weather or lure changes: the DC system will do this for you. This results for more efficient fishing time and focus for the angler.

The Shimano SLX 151 DC Casting Reel takes the proven SLX series to new heights with the implementation of Shimano’s cutting-edge Digital Control (DC) braking system. Marking the first time that Digital Control has been offered at this price point, the Shimano SLX 150 DC Casting Reel features four external braking options that optimize performance based on line type and conditions. Catering to anglers of all levels, the Shimano SLX 151 DC Casting Reel helps elevate the performance of experienced anglers, and drastically reduces the learning curve for those who are getting used to a casting reel.

Encased in a rigid HAGANE Body, the Shimano SLX DC Casting Reel delivers the capacity of a 150-size, while maintaining a small, easy to palm construction. Manufactured in Shimano’s own factory and held to the same stringent standards as their flagship reels, the Shimano SLX DC Casting Reels are powered by brass gearing that provides smooth handling and extended reliability. Fitted with a long handle and contoured grips, the Shimano SLX 151 DC Casting Reel gives anglers of all levels access to Shimano’s premier DC technology.