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Shimano Baitrunner LC XTB Reel

The Baitrunners are back and they are fully stocked with the best Shimano technologies.
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Manufacturer: Shimano

The Baitrunner XTB-LC is available in two sizes - ‘Big’ with its awesome casting performance and a smaller ‘Medium’ size ideal for medium range work. Both are fitted with the latest technology, including oversized long range spools and Shimano’s famous Baitrunner freespool facility. The ‘Big Baitrunner’ has legendary status among carp anglers. If you are after a long range reel with the famous Shimano freespool facility, this is the reel for you. The original version was launched over 25 years ago to the highest acclaim, and years of refinement and increasingly advanced technology have been added to this latest version. The result is a reel you can totally trust. Long casting, with awesome cranking power, match it with any 12ft or 13ft TX rod, with an Intensity action, and you’ll have a set-up that will maximise your performance and increase enjoyment.$ Inside the black stealth body of the Baitruunner XTB-LC is a combination of HAGANE Gear and X-SHIP. These deliver smooth, powerful rotation with enormous cranking power to overcome the largest carp and even the toughest European catfish. The huge aluminium AR-C spool of the largest model holds an enormous amount of line and benefits from Slow Speed oscillation combined with Aero Wrap, delivering stunning line lay. However, for anglers not needing such a large capacity, Line Reducers are included. For medium and smaller waters check out the ‘Medium’ sized version which offers a great compromise of size and balance, whilst still retaining all of the important features and attributes of its larger brother.