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Shimano Beastmaster XC 14000 Reels

The Beastmaster 14000 is Shimano’s entry level mid to long range reel aimed at novice anglers wanting to take their carp or surf fishing to the next level, or those on a slimmer budget.
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Manufacturer: Shimano

Containing features taken directly from more expensive Shimano models, like Super Slow 5 oscillation and Parallel body, the Beastmaster is a superb mid to long range casting reel.
With a name like Beastmaster you can be sure that this large, tough, long-casting reel will meet your expectations. Offering excellent value for money, if you are new to long range fishing, or want a second reel for carp or surf fishing, the Beastmaster is certainly worth considering. Although not a match for the more expensive and technically advanced Shimano reels, the Beastmaster certainly looks the part with the same G Free Body silhouette as Shimano’s top long-range reels. And Super Slow 5 Oscillation line lay, and Parallel Body help you maximise your casting distance irrespective of your experience or ability.
Although the Beastmaster is Shimano’s lowest priced mid to long range reel, it still contains a fair amount of advanced technology. Super Slow 5 oscillation line-lay is still the default line-lay other reels are judged by and the AR-C spool design is the same profile as found on the very best Shimano long range reels. Both feature’s help increase casting distance. In use you will appreciate the smoothness and power of HAGANE Gear whilst the 4.3:1 gear ratio, which retrieves 103cm of line per handle rotation, ensures the Beastmaster is as good at retrieving quickly as it is at casting. For confident fish-playing you can quickly adjust the 20kg max drag with only a minimal turn of the Instant Drag knob to always keep in direct control.