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Seat Box Accessories

Preston Innovations Offbox Clicker Counter


A must have item for any match angler who simply wants to count the number of fish they have caught or add up their weight to avoid exceeding net limits.

Preston Innovations Offbox Standard Gripper Roost


Keep you top kits out of harms way

Preston Innovations Offbox Double Decker Side Trays


When side tray just doesn't cut the mustard

Preston Innovations Venta-lite Multi Side Tray


Made from Venta-Lite material which helps cut down weight and increase air circulation keeping your bait cool

Preston Innovations Stormshield Side Trays


The ultimate choice for feeder anglers

Preston Innovations Offbox Ventalite Side Tray XL


Lightweight aluminium mesh side tray which in turn helps keep your bait cool and fresh in hot conditions

Preston Innovations Pole Support


Designed to fit a wide range of seat boxes, featuring telescopic height adjustment and an extra strong clamping knuckle

Preston Innovations Deluxe Dutch Feeder Rests


A great rest for anglers who are seriously into their feeder fishing

Preston Innovations Pole Safe Combo


Great protection for your carbon products

Preston Innovations Pole Safe Sock


Ideal for anglers who like to keep their kit compact and lightweight

Preston Innovations Offbox Pro Feeder Arm


One of the most stable feeder arms on the market

Preston Innovations Rod Safe Precision


Great rest for venues where large carp are present, thanks to its raised ends there is less change of your rod being dragged off the rest