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Scales & Tripods

Solar A1 Weigh Tri Pod


The extended hook easily holds all popular weigh scales and the heavy-gauge construction is rated to 200lb+.

Reuben Heaton Flyweight MK2 Scales


A truly pocket sized dial scale designed to be ultralight and ultimately portable

JRC Defender Digital Scales 65lb


JRC Defender Digital Scales, compact, accurate and with a large diameter lifting handle for accepting a weighing bar.

Carp Spirit Digital Scales 50kg


Quality scales that wont break the bank

Prologic Weigh Tripod


When you’re weighing a potential PB fish, you need to be able to rely on accurate measurements.

Prologic Specimen Dial Scales


When you catch a memorable fish, getting a quick and accurate weight measurement is essential, which is why we have designed these easy-to-read, large-faced Specimen Carp scales.

Sonik Digital Folding Scale


Compact digital scales

Nash Carp Care Weigh Tripod


Heavy duty tripods more than capable of taking the strain of the biggest brutes

FOX Weigh Tripod


A great addition to your armory when weighing large fish or if you need an accurate reading

Carp Spirit Scale Tripod


Incredibly stable tripod, ideal for assisting with weighing big fish

Carp Spirit Dial Scales 120lb 54kg


No nonsense dial scales capable of weighing the biggest brutes

FOX Digital Scales 60kg 132lb

£109.99 £99.99

Extremely user friendly scales in a compact design