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Daiwa Sweepfire Tele Spin Rods


The ideal rod for traveling light, whether its on a local river or packed away for a trip abroad

Westin W3 Vertical Jigging-T 2nd Generation 6ft 2" 14-28g


W3 Vertical Jigging-T 2nd Generation rods are made with Torayca® High performance Carbon fibers giving a fast and ultra-responsive blank, that will help you detect any bite and set the hook easily.

Korum Speed Spin 8"6 10-35g


Korum Speed Spin Rods, A comprehensive selection of fast-action spinning rods with modern Japanese inspired looks and performance.

Korum So Solid Spinning Rods

£59.99 £29.99

The So Solid range uses solid carbon tips to ensure an ultra-fast action with unrivalled sensitivity.

Westin W3 PowerShad 2nd Generation 8ft 15 - 40g


The W3 Powershad 2nd Generation rods are a series of medium fast actioned rods for the all-round predator angler, designed to handle both soft and hard lures.

Westin W2 Streetstick Rods


Designed for street fishing, but ideal anytime you need an ultralight rod for small hard and soft lures

Westin W2 Finesse T&C Rods


Fast and powerful, the Finesse T&C (Texas & Carolina) are ideal for a wide range of predator fishing with both hard and soft lures.

Westin W2 Finesse Jig 7ft 3" 5-20g


The ultimate rod design for finesse jigging for perch and zander.

Westin W2 Powerteez 8ft 4" 14-49g


Balance is key when jigging or pelagic fishing with soft lures and you will instinctively know that these rods feel ‘just right’.

Westin W3 Finesse T&C 2nd Generation 7ft 1" 7-21g


The W3 Finesse T&C 2nd Generation rods (Texas & Carolina) are excellent rods for all kinds of predator fishing with both soft and hard lures.

Berkley URBN 2 Finesse 6ft 2" 1-8g


With this ultra light spinning rod you will register every pebble.

Berkley URBN 2 Dropshooter 7ft 10" 5-21g


Berkley’s URBN series consists of great rods for the mobile angler who wants to reach the most difficult angles.