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Rod & Reel Protection

Preston Triple Rod Support


An incredibly versatile, multi-functional rod support system you can attach to the leg of your seatbox leaving your spare rods easily accessible and to hand at all times

Guru Top and Tails


A neat system to keep your rods in good condition whist in transit and will also mean that all the relevant pieces will be kept together.

Guru Rod Bands


Keep your feeders from smashing your rods up in transit. The Guru Rod Bands will keep them safe from this issue.

Speero Reel Pouch System DPM or Green


For keeping your prized reels safe and secure whilst transporting them to and from the bank available in green or super carpy DPM

Korum Padded Reel Pouch


Perfect for quiver users, these will keep your feels protected during transit.

Korum Transition 12ft Rod Sling


Whether you use 2 rods or 3 rods Korum have a rod sling to suit you. Basic in design yet providing the perfect protection for your rods.

Korum Transition 3 Rod Folding Quiver


Something that is a first of it's kind, the 3 Rod folding quiver has reel protection built into it which is not normally found on quivers!

Korum Transition 3 Rod Holdalls


With rod holdalls that are designed for either 10ft rods or 12ft rods they will keep them protected from any damage that may occur in transit from your home all the way to your chosen destination.

Trakker - Hook Ups


Featuring a unique hook retaining system the Hook-Up prevent your hook points from blunting or snagging inside your rod bag. They simply connect to your rod rings via the crooks while the foam inner protects your hook point while in transit, with two spare pieces of foam in each pack.

Trakker - Neoprene Rod Bands


Neoprene Rod Bands are a simple, lightweight means of binding individual rod sections together for convenient transportation. Constructed from high quality neoprene, the textured backing grips the blank well, whilst the soft padded nature of the fabric provides cushioning between each rod section. The addition of a unique elasticated loop on each Band provides secure attachment; place the loop over a rod ring, wrap around a single rod section and then around both sections. They can be used as the sole means of securing your rods together during transportation or in conjunction with our individual rod sleeves, Quiver, Rod Holdalls or Compact Rod Holdalls. Using Neoprene Rod Bands is the first step to ensure your rods are well protected between sessions.

FOX - Camolite XL Rod Tip Protector


Solid end to protect rod tips. Top 8cm contains reinforced padding. Velcro securing strap fits under the butt eye. Extra-long to accommodate most butt eye positioning.

Thinking Anglers - Rod Lead Straps (3)


3 lead rod straps that stop your lead and rig banging against your rod blank and damaging it. Thinking Anglers are longer than others on the market meaning they can hold both sections of your rod together.