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Rod Pods

Sonik HeroX Rod Pods


A game changing new range of products, designed to perform to the max without breaking the bank.

Sonik VaderX RS Rod Pods


The VADERX-RS rod pods are available in either a two or three rod models; they are compact, stable, quick to setup and perfectly adaptable for any fishing situation.

Solar A1 Ground Pod 6-inch and 9-inch Uprights


Made from the same high-grade, black anodised aluminium as the rest of the A1 range, unlike many other pods at this competitive price point, this one is Solar design. The blocks are machined from anodised aluminium and the main bar features an anti-twist design built in to the tubing.

Solar Black-Lite Worldwide Pod

£499.99 £449.99

The Solar BlackLite Worldwide Pod, a lighter aluminium version of the awesome Solar P1 Worldwide Pod. With a compact design, that packs down into a small carry bag for ease of transportation.

FOX EOS 2 & 3 Rod Tripod


Tripod style rod pod offering great versatility and value

Solar Mini Worldwide Pod + P1 2 Rod Buzzer Bars

£484.97 £289.99

The little brother to our ultra-popular P1 Compact Worldwide Pod.

Solar P1 Worldwide Pod

£432.99 £389.99

The Worldwide pod is the market-leading rod pod

Solar Tackle P1 Compact Worldwide Pod

£432.99 £349.99

An absolute crazy deal on a fantastic pod

Nash Tackle Pocket Pod 3 Rod

£115.99 £109.99

The compact, ultra cult pod from the Nash stable – brought back by popular demand.



Super light, durable pod made for every situation

Sonik Xtractor Rod Pods


Highly customisable, compact and lightweight, in keeping with Soniks awesome Xtractor concept, everything you could want from a rod pod

Sonik Xtractor TRI-PODS


Providing a quick and stable solution for easy mobility