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Ringers Bandems

The ideal hookbait to snatch a quick bite
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Manufacturer: Ringers


Supplied in a 70g jar, the wafter boilie is ready to use straight from the pot. Offering a semi-buoyancy presentation, they are designed to make the bait move naturally when fish are feeding in the area, unlike the conventional boilie that is designed to sit hard on the lake bed.

To successfully produce a semi-buoyant presentation, Phil Ringer suggests using a size 16 QM1 rig. Shaped like a mini dumbell boilie, they can be easily banded or hair rigged. They utilise the weight of the hook as an anchor, to keep them close to the lake bed but still able to waft about when a fish is active over your baited spot (thus the name Wafter).


Ringer Baits have been trying for a new shape of Wafter for a number of years. Flat, slim, skinny, thin and wide was the aim.

Pop Ups

To complement the other very successful Chocolate Orange products, Ringers have now released these Chocolate Orange Pop Ups. These useful additions to the hook bait range make it possible for the match and specialist angler to produce ultra-sensitive or buoyant hook bait presentations.