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Ringers Liquids, Red, Yellow & Dark 250ml


Ideal for adding extra attraction to your groundbait, pulling in more fish into your swim

Ringers Finest Fishmeal Brown Crumb 1kg


Brown crumb blended with fishmeal, making this the most attractive brown crumb available.

Ringers Feeder European Feeder Mix 1kg


No fishmeal found here. Just sweet smelly, high attract coarse fishing groundbait. Available in two different colours.

Ringers Sweet Fishmeal Feeder Groundbait 1kg


A lovely, sweet smelling Fishmeal groundbait, available in Natural and Dark. colours.

Ringers Pure Groundbait Expander Groundbait 800g


I lightweight, fluffy ground bait, packed full of fishmeals and attractors.

Ringers Meaty Red Method Mix Groundbait 1kg


Red and meaty, as the name suggests, great Carp groundbait and a Ssssshhhh great Barbel groundbait too.

Ringers Micro Method Mix Groundbait 2kg


Keep the fish in your swim for longer with this amazing groundbait.

Ringers Bag Up Mix Green Groundbait 1kg


This groundbait attracts fish from all over and is perfect all year round, especially in clearer waters.

Ringers Bag Up Carp & Bream Mix 1kg


One of ringers flyers, this groundbait has accounted for hundreds of Carp and don't forget Bream!

Ringers The Edge Groundbait 2kg


The all new Ringers The Edge Margin Mix comes supplied in a 2kg bag and is designed for feeding in the margins!

Ringers R2's 2mm Micro Pellet 900g


Small Pellets perfect as loose feed or to work with method feeders.

Ringers Micro Method 2mm Pellet 900g


Micro pellet that are easy to use with method feeders. Highly attractive.