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Rig Putty & Sinkers

Ridgemonkey Rock Bottom Tungsten Putty Twin Pack Weed & Grey


Highly malleable, super high density tungsten putty ideal for counterbalancing pop-ups and fine tuning critically balanced rigs, its super adhesion also makes it ideal for applying to your hooklinks to help pin them to the lake bed to prevent them rising up and spooking any fish around your rig.

Avid Carp Hook Shots


The sliding Hook Shot ensures the hook sits at a prone angle and improves how quickly the hook flips and turns.

Ridgemonkey Connexion Rock Bottom Sinkers


Rock Bottom Tungsten Sinkers are designed to help pin down your end tackle to the lake bed. They slide easily and directly on to your hooklink or main line, and grip tightly to stay in position during the cast.



Great for pinning your hooklink down away from the feeding carp

One More Cast Dazzlers Dog Bone Sinkers


This unique shaped sinker has been carefully design to accommodate tungsten putty for extra pin down

One More Cast Blend Tungsten Putty


Super heavy tungsten putty ideal for balancing your hookbaits

Trakker Tungsten Rig Putty


Get those pop ups perfectly balanced ready for mr carp

Trakker Hooklink Clinga's


Keep your hooklink pinned down away from any feeding carp

FOX Edges Hooklink Sinkers


The easiest carp to catch are the one's that dont know your there, with the FOX Hooklink Sinkers you can keep your presents down to a minimum

FOX Edges Kwik Change Pop Up Weights Dispenser


Forget putty or split shot these kwik change pop up weights are the future, gripping incredibly tight onto your hooklink they will never budget or fall off

ESP Tungsten Putty


Tungsten putty is perfect for help aid rig mechanics and balance out hook baits, with three colours available to chose from to cover all the bottoms you will be fishing over you will always need this in your tackle box.

Thinking Anglers Tungsten Droppers


Perfect for pinning down your mainline for hook links keeping them out the way of the feeding carp.