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Ridge Monkey

Ridgemonkey Escape XF1 Compact 1 Man Bivvy


A shelter that can be made as basic or luxurious as you wish

Ridgemonkey Fluorocast Mainline


High grade fluorocarbon coated mono that gives you not just great sinking properties but great casting capabilities

Ridgemonkey Rock Bottom Tungsten Tubing


Super heavy, super supple, tungsten impregnated tubing giving you ultimate line concealment

Ridgemonkey Connexion Uni Lead Clip


The only lead clip you will need, tested in some of the most demanding situations

Ridgemonkey Cork Sticks


Use cork sticks to create critically balanced and pop-up baits.

Ridgemonkey Combi Bait Drill & Cork Sticks


Why carry several drills when you can carry one?

Ridgemonkey APEarel Crew Socks 3 Pack


The perfect all round choice for all year round use

Ridgemonkey APEarel K2XP Waterproof Gloves


Designed for ultimate all-weather protection

Ridgemokey APEarel K2XP Waterproof Tactical Gloves


Offering the perfect compromise between weather protection and functionality

Ridgemonkey APEarel Heavyweight Zip Jacket


Incredibly warm, zip up jacket, essential for keeping your stay comfortable and enjoyable

Ridgemonkey APEarel K2XP Compact Coat


Super lightweight, water repellent jacket ideal for keeping to hand whilst scouting the lake

Ridgemonkey K2XP Waterproof Coat


All weather protection designed to keep you dry in the harshest conditions