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Ridge Monkey

Ridgemonkey Cookware Case


Great storage for all of your cooking equipment

Ridgemonkey ThermoMug's


These insulated mugs maintain a constant temperature keeping your brew warmer for longer

Ridgemonkey The Classic Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster XL inc Utensils


The Classic and original sandwich toaster is back and is supplied with the utensils as well.

RidgeMonkey Spectre Fluorocarbon Hooklink


Almost invisible when submerged in water the Spectre Fluorocarbon gives you high abrasion resistance when used as a leader or hooklink

RidgeMonkey Stiffy Chod/Stiff Rig Filament


Essential for constructing the awesome Chod / Hinge Stiff Rig, absolutely deadly for presenting effectively on weedy lakes

RidgeMonkey ShockWeave Braided Shock Leader


Designed for distance casting, this super strong, low diameter shock leader with drastically reduce crack offs or the chances of being cut off due to its high abrasion resistance

RidgeMonkey SilkFlex Soft Braided Hooklink


Super soft, supple hooklink ideal for making solid bag rigs or the hook section on combi rigs

RidgeMonkey Camo X Stiff Coated Hooklink


Supple braided core hooklink with a removable stiff coating giving it fantastic anti tangle properties

RidgeMonkey Camo X Coated Hooklink


Supple braided core hooklink with a soft removable coating making this an incredibly versatile and user friendly hooklink thats designed to fall in a natural manner whilst still giving you great anti tangle properties

RidgeMonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher (Head Only)


Take out all the effort and time taken up by crushing up your boilies with the awesome Advanced Boilie Crusher from Ridgemonkey, turns 5kg of boilies into crumb in minutes

RidgeMonkey Compact Bucket System 7.5L


Keeping up with their fantastic bucket storage concept Ridgemonkey have now brought out the incredibly compact 7.5 litre version

RidgeMonkey Grilla BBQ Hotplate


Keep all that beautiful BBQ food nice and warm ready for an all out summer feast