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Ridge Monkey

Ridgemonkey Escape XF1 Standard Mozzi Mesh


Specifically designed for use with the Escape XF1 Compact Bivvy, the XF1 Compact Mozzie Mesh is a replacement zip-in front panel that protects the user from mosquitoes and other bugs while maintaining excellent vision and ventilation.

Ridgemonkey Connexion Hook Ring Stops


Perfect for creating Ronnie and Anti-Eject Sliding Ring rigs, the rubber hardness ensures they will slide easily on the hook, yet not slip during the cast, ensuring hookholds are not impeded.

Ridgemonkey Connexion Shrink Tube 2.4mm Brown


Essential for a wide number of rig applications.

Ridgemonkey Rock Bottom Tungsten Putty Twin Pack Weed & Grey


Highly malleable, super high density tungsten putty ideal for counterbalancing pop-ups and fine tuning critically balanced rigs, its super adhesion also makes it ideal for applying to your hooklinks to help pin them to the lake bed to prevent them rising up and spooking any fish around your rig.

RidgeMonkey SQ DLX Bowl Set


The RidgeMonkey SQ DLX Bowl has been designed to withstand life in the great outdoors. Constructed from hard-wearing melamine, the bowl is easy to clean, store and carry for outdoor pursuits such as fishing, camping, hiking or even in the garden

Ridgemonkey SQ Kettle Paracord Edition Kettle Large


The RidgeMonkey Square Kettle redefines traditional thinking and provides a fresh new look at a commodity that has remained effectively unchanged for hundreds of years.

Ridgemonkey Bivvy Lite Elite IR


The RidgeMonkey Bivvy Lite Elite IR: the ultimate guiding light in the dark. With variable brightness to suit your needs, the option to switch between three colours at the push of a button and up to 180 hours of illumination from a single charge via a standard 5V USB port.

Ridgemonkey Markaleads


We know that what you’re fishing over is critical for successful rig presentation, therefore RidgeMonkey Marka Leads have been designed with a unique shaped ‘domed’ nose to aid in feeling the lead down.

Ridgemonkey MarkaFloat


The ultimate short / medium range marker float, our MarkaFloat consists of a super-buoyant balsa float with a large flight to aid visibility, especially in low light conditions or choppy water. It comes supplied with an orange flight, and there are also small flights to the base of the float which improve stability in flight.

Ridgemonkey Modular Hookbait Pots Camo


RidgeMonkey Modular Hookbait Pots are both stylish and convenient. Load up your essentials, whether that be pop-ups, wafters, bottom baits or plastics, and simply put them in your pots, stack them, and screw them together.

Ridgemonkey VRH150X USB Rechargeable Headtorch


Long lasting and hard-wearing, the VRH150X USB Rechargeable Headtorch offers up to 360 hours of light from one single charge.

Ridgemonkey Advanced Boilie Crusher Particle Plate


Ideal for use with tiger nuts, pulses and smaller boilies